Chris Hart


Christopher Alonzo Hart was born on December 11, 1982 in St. Mary, Jamaica. Raised in Annotto Bay on Jamaica’s northwest coast, the songwriter, vocalist and producer began to discover his passion for music at an early age. Now residing in Jamaica’s capital city of Kingston, Hart has made several connections in the global music industry, which keeps his schedule packed with projects and collaborations.

As a young man growing up in Annotto Bay, Hart took notice of Jamaica’s influential music genres when he would listen to a local sound system playing music so loudly the entire valley could hear. Listening from a distance, Hart began to realize his desire to become an entertainer through his connection to the sounds. From there, Hart began to focus on his songwriting skills and pursuing a career in music. This memory is something Hart has become outspoken about, as an observation of Jamaica’s intricate sound system culture and its influence on many of Jamaica’s artistes, case in point, himself.

With steady determination, Hart began networking where he would eventually reconnect with his uncle – Gadaffi Hart – a renowned music producer on the island. This reunion opened several doors for a young Hart, which gave him the opportunities he needed to really showcase his songwriting skills. Continuously working in music since 1999, Hart went on to produce several high-profile R&B records. In addition, Hart’s extensive songwriting credits can be found on the work he’s done for Annex Records, working with artists such as Capleton and Gyptian.

Hart’s overall mission is represented by his company Green Island Media. Hart is the founder of Green Island Media and will release his upcoming music under that umbrella. As the face of Green Island Media, Hart’s desire is to continuously spread love through music, no matter the genre. While Hart boasts credits in several genres, one of his goals is to give back to the youth in Jamaica, by educating them on the foundation of reggae music. “One of our goals is to help the youths to learn more about music and set an example with authentic reggae music, in order to maintain the legacy.” Green Island media continues to share Jamaica’s reggae and dancehall culture, while emphasizing their impetus to enrich the lives of Jamaica’s youth through music.

Hart is currently recording music in Jamaica and Los Angeles, as he anticipates the release of his single “It’s All About You”. For booking contact Green Island Media’s management team at TBD.